Your Ceremony

The Ceremony Room is booked in half-hour intervals with an allocation of up to half an hour for the wedding ceremony. Depending on your specific requests and wishes, your ceremony may be conducted with only the minimum mandatory requirements - in which case it will be a fairly quick wedding process prior to the signing of official documentation by you, your celebrant and your two witnesses, or, your ceremony may be much more elaborate and personalised, and may fill the entire half hour booking, or you may even choose to book an 'extended ceremony' if you have many guests attending your wedding ceremony. The choice is entirely yours.

During the conducting of the ceremony, providing that all specific legal requirements are adhered to, couples may wish to compose, and bring along, their own vows and custom tailor choices of poems and readings to suit their own personal wishes - for their personal ceremony.

The Marriage Bureau's group of experienced celebrants are able to conduct a highly professional lovely wedding ceremony offering an appropriate and dignified 'special day' to remember. You are welcome to include your 'friends and family' contributions during your ceremony.

Marriage Ceremony prices start from $315, inclusive of the use of one of our small private Ceremony Room (which can accommodate up to approximately 30 people), Conducting of the Ceremony by the Celebrant and their preparation of all legal paperwork and Marriage Certificates. There are no additional charges or fees for the small Ceremony Room - this is included for no charge. Please note there are higher charges by the celebrant for after-business-hours ceremonies, plus higher charges for the celebrants time if you wish to use a period longer than half an hour for your ceremony room. Any extensions of time for the ceremony must be pre-booked and a surcharge will apply.

Call 03 9820 1119 to make a booking, or if the administration offices are unattended - please call 0424 778 800.

Please check all fees and surcharges on the Price List page.