Price Guide

Wedding 008The Marriage Bureau offices in South Yarra can be booked for your personal wedding ceremony – anytime - 365 days a year – including Christmas Day or any Public Holidays. You can book your wedding ceremony to be conducted in one month from the date of signing your Notice of Intended Marriage, and there is no additional fee for use of our small sized ceremony rooms (which can accommodate anywhere from two guests right up to 30+ people).

Please refer to the costings on this Price list and the conditions listed below. All bookings are dependant upon availability. There are two separate payments for our services: Part One (Lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage) and Part Two (Ceremony).

Part One: Initial Lodgement of ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (Form 13) Paperwork

Lodgement of ‘Notice Of Intended Marriage – Form 13’ with authorised celebrant. (This includes any transfer of NOIM-Form 13 paperwork from another celebrant across to Marriage Bureau)


Initial Non–Refundable Lodgement  Payment                        *$150  

(*Full payment is required at the time of the signing the Notice of Intended Marriage, or when a transfered NOIM is received)


Part Two: Marriage Bureau - Ceremony Booking - Fee Schedule* (Additional cost to Part One fee)

*Prices listed are 100%  'all-inclusive' - including the Celebrant, all Legal Paperwork, as required by law, and use of our intimate Ceremony Room (which can accommodate up to 30+ people). Up to 30 minutes is allocated for your ceremony time in the ceremony room - except where otherwise stated. You will be required to bring two witnesses over the age of 18 years. You may have anywhere from just a few friends and family, right up to approximately 30+ guests, however we recommend booking in for extended time for your ceremony in a one hour ceremony if you wish to have anywhere from 7 guests to the maximum number of guests - as ceremonies with larger guest numbers usually run overtime and this will be billed in additional 30 minute increments. Please note - Extended time ceremonies will incur a celebrant's fee surcharge and must be booked in advance (see price list details below).

Please note - the Government issued final processed Marriage Certificate will be obtainable from for a small fee. Please check their site for details.

Early booking is recommended for popular wedding days such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

There are two separate parts you will need to make payment for:

  1. Payment One:     The $150 lodgement fee for the Notice of Intended Marriage.   This is an up-front payment and is non-refundable.
  2. Payment Two:     The Ceremony Fee, which is all-inclusive of the legal documentation, the celebrant, use of the ceremony room, and the conducting of the ceremony. There are many different options depending on the number of guests and which date and time suits you.


*Varying Re-schedule Fees

~ More than 1 month before ceremony booking                                 No charge

~ Between 8 to 30 days before ceremony booking                                   $80

~ 7 days or less before the ceremony booking                                        $150

*Varying Cancellation Fees (*this only applies to Part Two of the fee schedule)

~ More than 1 month before booking                                                  No charge

~ Between 8 to 30 days before ceremony booking                                 $150

~ 7 days or less before the ceremony booking                                         $180

~ Late arrival or non-attendance will incur the full booking fee. No refund will be due. A new time will need to be booked - at the appropriate booking fee or cost.

*Note: The Booking fee will be refunded within 7 days of written notice being received by the Melbourne Private Marriage Registry - Victoria, minus the appropriate listed cancellation fee. Receipt of such notice is deemed to be dated from the moment our offices receive the written notice. You will receive immediate confirmation from our offices as soon as this written notice is received.

*The Notice of Intended Marriage Form 13 must be lodged no less than one month before the proposed date of the ceremony, and no more than 18 months from the proposed date of the ceremony.

*All Premium costings include any Public Holidays which are not included in the Premium Max costings.

*All Premium Max costings include Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Easter (Friday to Monday), Queen's Birthday, Anzac Day, Australia Day, Chinese New Year, February 29th, Valentine’s day & Valentine's Weekend plus the weekends closest to these dates.

*A new day is deemed to begin at 6am on each day.

*All bookings are made in 30 minute segments. Any extended time in the ceremony rooms is costed in 30 minute increments.

*Late attendance or failure to arrive for a booked ceremony will result in a cancellation of the booked time and the couple will forfeit the full booking fee. The couple will be required to book a new time at the appropriate booking fee or cost.

*All bookings are dependant upon availability. Early booking is recommended for popular wedding days such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve.

*Off-site Weddings are available at a higher cost.  We have access to over 20 experienced, excellent celebrants available for your specific requirements. Please enquire during business hours regarding our celebrant-client ‘matching service’. Price will be individually quoted upon enquiry.