Marriage Bureau

ceremony-room-smallWant to get married in Melbourne in a registry wedding ceremony - in a lovely private setting with anything from your two witnesses right up to 35 guests? ALL COUPLES can enjoy our beautiful Ceremonies which start from just $195 and the options are all yours - no matter what your budget!

You can book to get married in just over one month's time at one of Melbourne's favourite and most popular registries - the Marriage Bureau!   

The Marriage Bureau - South Yarra is a privately owned organisation providing premium, yet still affordable, Wedding and Marriage Ceremony services to Victorian couples, Interstate couples and International couples who may not necessarily wish to have a large or expensive wedding, but who require a wedding registry office style wedding in Melbourne conducted by a professional Registered Civil Celebrant. Whether you simply wish to register your marriage, or to have a larger unforgetable ceremony with friends and family, We can certainly assist you with what you want. For couples who may wish to be married within the minimum legal waiting period of one month and one day, it is possible to book now to be married in just over one month's time from the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13 - regulation 38 - Marriage Act 1961).

marriage coupleThe administrative offices and Ceremony Rooms are conveniently located in a private period style terrace house at 915 Punt Road, South Yarra, Victoria, 3141.  Situated just off Toorak Road in 'cosmopolitan' South Yarra, the Marriage Bureau is located one main block from Toorak Road on Punt Road, right in the heart of a huge array of excellent cafes and restaurants which may be the perfect location for a celebration after the ceremony.

Call (03) 9820 1119 to either enquire or to make a booking. If the administration offices are unattended - please call 0424 77 88 00


For most couples who marry at the Marriage Bureau in South Yarra , their choice is a simple, legal and private Victorian marriage registry style ceremony with anything from just their two witnesses, right up to around 30+ guests, and this is always conducted by a professional Registered Civil Celebrant. All legals are adhered to under the Marriage Act of 1961.


Marriage Bureau benefits to couples:


  • Easy lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork (also referred to as the NOIM)
  • You can easily book to get married in one month and one day from the legal lodgement date of the NOIM*
  • You can choose to marry - ANYTIME of day - 365 days of the year*
  • Easy convenient booking including the ceremony room*
  • Friendly helpful staff can help you make your choice


Call today on (03) 9820 1119 or 0424 778800 if the administration office is unattended, to make an appointment to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage paperwork


*Booking is based on room and celebrant availabilities. Varying times of the day - and of the week - will incur different costs and surcharges. There are no hidden costs. All fees are listed. Please refer to the pricelist for all costing details.