International clients

marriage-registry2For overseas guests who plan to marry in Melbourne, Australia, Marriage Bureau - South Yarra can provide the perfect service for you.

What to bring with you?  You will need to bring your original Birth Certificate, and if either of you have been married before you will need to produce proof of how the last marriage ended. This mean you would need to bring Divorce papers or Death certificates. These must be originals certificates. It is important that all of these papers be brought with you to Australia to be sighted by your Celebrant. Without these original papers the marriage won't legally be able to go ahead in Australia.

The Notice of Intention to Marry can be obtained from the Australian High Commission, Embassy or the Australian Foreign Affairs Department in your Country.

Read the form carefully. The back of the Form indicates who can witness the form for you. This Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form can be lodged from your own country, or you can send it to us by mail or email prior to the wedding. The NOIM must be lodged no less than one month & one day prior to the wedding date.  When you arrive in Australia we can arrange all other legal paperwork for the wedding.

The Notice of Intended Marriage form can be downloaded here: NOIM form.

On the day of your wedding you will be given a presentation Marriage Certificate, however if you wish to obtain a copy of the Certificate of Marriage to take home with you before you leave Australia, you will be required to apply to the Births Deaths & Marriages in Melbourne. This is quickest when done in person at their offices in Melbourne. This can, however, be applied for by mail at a later time when you return to your home country.

Please feel free to either email or call us here at the Marriage Bureau if you wish to get married here in Melbourne. Telephone on +613 9820 1119, or if the administration offices are unattended - please call +61 424 778800.