What to do now?



Under Australian law it is mandatory that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) - 'Form 13 (Regulation 38)' should be lodged with the celebrant no less than one month and one day, and no more than 18 months, from the proposed marriage date. If you are wanting a Victorian wedding registry type of ceremony then it is simple to lodge your NOIM at the Marriage Bureau in South Yarra, so that you can be legally married in just over four weeks time.

Your first step will be to lodge your Notice of Intended Marriage with one of the Registered Civil Celebrants at the Marriage Bureau - South Yarra. In order to do this you will be required to either email or phone to make an appointment during administrative business hours which are generally between 10am and 7pm on Weekdays.  During that appointment you can fill out all the details required on the Notice of Intended Marriage form and lodge this with the celebrant. It is also possible to send in your Notice ahead of your appointment time in order to start the lodgement process.

Important things to know when lodging a Notice of Intended Marriage - 'Form 13' (click here)**

Once this Notice of Intended Marriage is lodged with the Celebrant the couple is welcome to book one of the Ceremony Rooms for the wedding ceremony, for use directly after the legal waiting period of one month and one day. This ceremony can be provided anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending upon the couple's budget, and the availability of the Ceremony Rooms and Civil Celebrant.

Call 03 9820 1119 to either enquire or make a booking. If the administration offices are unattended - please call 0424 778 800.

Please refer to the Fees Schedule as there are numerous varying fees and charges for varying couple's wishes and requirements. The Marriage Bureau - South Yarra can offer a more affordable wedding ceremony for those couples wishing to marry in Melbourne with a lovely wedding registry style ceremony.