Marriage Bureau

ceremony-room-smallWant to get married in Melbourne in a registry wedding ceremony - in a lovely private setting with anything from your two witnesses right up to 35 guests? ALL COUPLES can enjoy our beautiful Ceremonies which start from just $195 and the options are all yours - no matter what your budget!

You can book to get married in just over one month's time at one of Melbourne's favourite and most popular registries - the Marriage Bureau!   

The Marriage Bureau - South Yarra is a privately owned organisation providing premium, yet still affordable, Wedding and Marriage Ceremony services to Victorian couples, Interstate couples and International couples who may not necessarily wish to have a large or expensive wedding, but who require a wedding registry office style wedding in Melbourne conducted by a professional Registered Civil Celebrant. Whether you simply wish to register your marriage, or to have a larger unforgetable ceremony with friends and family, We can certainly assist you with what you want. For couples who may wish to be married within the minimum legal waiting period of one month and one day, it is possible to book now to be married in just over one month's time from the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage (Form 13 - regulation 38 - Marriage Act 1961).

marriage coupleThe administrative offices and Ceremony Rooms are conveniently located in a private period style terrace house at 915 Punt Road, South Yarra, Victoria, 3141.  Situated just off Toorak Road in 'cosmopolitan' South Yarra, the Marriage Bureau is located one main block from Toorak Road on Punt Road, right in the heart of a huge array of excellent cafes and restaurants which may be the perfect location for a celebration after the ceremony.

Call (03) 9820 1119 to either enquire or to make a booking. If the administration offices are unattended - please call 0424 77 88 00

Your Ceremony

The Ceremony Room is booked in half-hour intervals with an allocation of up to half an hour for the wedding ceremony. Depending on your specific requests and wishes, your ceremony may be conducted with only the minimum mandatory requirements - in which case it will be a fairly quick wedding process prior to the signing of official documentation by you, your celebrant and your two witnesses, or, your ceremony may be much more elaborate and personalised, and may fill the entire half hour booking, or you may even choose to book an 'extended ceremony' if you have many guests attending your wedding ceremony. The choice is entirely yours.

International clients

marriage-registry2For overseas guests who plan to marry in Melbourne, Australia, Marriage Bureau - South Yarra can provide the perfect service for you.

What to bring with you?  You will need to bring your original Birth Certificate, and if either of you have been married before you will need to produce proof of how the last marriage ended. This mean you would need to bring Divorce papers or Death certificates. These must be originals certificates. It is important that all of these papers be brought with you to Australia to be sighted by your Celebrant. Without these original papers the marriage won't legally be able to go ahead in Australia.

What to do now?



Under Australian law it is mandatory that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) - 'Form 13 (Regulation 38)' should be lodged with the celebrant no less than one month and one day, and no more than 18 months, from the proposed marriage date. If you are wanting a Victorian wedding registry type of ceremony then it is simple to lodge your NOIM at the Marriage Bureau in South Yarra, so that you can be legally married in just over four weeks time.

Partner Visa Migration Weddings

marriage-registry1Fiance Visa (Prospective Spouse) Weddings

If you are planning to marry a partner from overseas, in Australia, you will need to sign a Notice of Intended Marriage form and we will provide you with a confirmation letter for your visa paperwork for the Department of Immigration which confirms your lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage. There will be a non-refundable lodgement fee for the Notice of Intended Marriage form, and we will hold all our legal paperwork, according to laws in Australia, in preparation for the marriage once the visa is granted.

Where one member of a couple is resident overseas and is applying to immigrate to Australia on a fiancé (Prospective Spouse) visa, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires that you provide proof of your intention to marry and that you actually marry within 9 months of arriving in Australia.

It is important to note that you will require a signed and dated letter (on letterhead) from the authorized marriage celebrant in Australia who will conduct the wedding ceremony which clearly states the date and place of the planned marriage ceremony and confirms that a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) has been lodged with the celebrant.

All Marriage Celebrants at the Marriage Bureau, who are authorised by the Commonwealth of Australia, will do everything they can to make this part of the process as simple for you as possible.

The partner who lives in Australia (the sponsor) can make an appointment to meet with a registered marriage celebrant at the Marriage Bureau to fill in the Notice of Intended Marriage form, and they must bring all relevant documentation. Ensure that you bring an original copy of your birth certificate if you were born in Australia, or your passport if you were born outside of Australia, plus an official copy of your divorce certificate or death certificate of your late spouse if you have been married previously, a copy of your fiance's documents (these can initially be photocopies or scans - which we will only view during your appointment and we will not keep these in our files - although the celebrant will need to sight the originals of these documents prior to the legal marriage, and prior to you signing the Statutory Declaration - 'Form 14').

Please note that we are unable to provide advice on immigration information. This should be obtained from a registered Migration Agent or a Migration Lawyer.


Once the initial paperwork is lodged with the celebrant, the couple can book in a suitable wedding date of their choice - at any legal and suitable time. This booking may be made from just over a month's time - up to 18 months time from the date of the lodgement of the Notice of Intended Marriage forms, for a Victorian marriage registry style wedding at the Marriage Bureau.

Call (03) 9820 1119 to make a booking, or if the administration offices are unattended - please call 0424 77 88 00.